Samsung Netbook: share very much in common

Due to the pushed display for a few years, since late 2011, netbooks have been gradually abandoned by manufacturers. Only HP seems determined to keep a small range. This loss occurred mainly in favor of tablets and the appearance of more and more Notebook PCs. But also of Ultrabook, combining lightness and power, which did not allow or carry any feature of Netbooks. Maintaining the guide further for Notebooks and PCs seems to be unmanageable, while explaining the undesirability of remarks. We let you search for Samsung Notebook to find your happiness!  Click to buy Samsung Netbook online at

Choosing a netbook is not always easy

While the prices are very attractive and boost purchases, these little machines are not nearly as interesting as each other. Also, if they all look alike, some are better suited to certain tasks than others. The oversupply does not help the barge to choose without having identified its needs but that wealth also allows everyone to find "Shoe Fits". Need a Samsung Netbook?

What is the Netbook?

One of the first criteria to consider when buying a netbook is the screen. The diagonal screen size determines two things:

The resolution and size of the netbook:

In terms of resolution, 10-inch Samsung Netbook is:
•    Equipped with a screen in 1024x600.
•    It has good readability but today it is a bit narrow for use.
•    It will often scroll in any direction.
•    Their small size imposes a rather cramped keyboard.
•    In return, the 10-inch netbooks are really compact and easily prevail everywhere.
•    Equipped with an HD display!
•    The models of 11.6 and 12 inches have an HD screen, that is to say, a resolution of 1366x768 pixels.
•    It offers a much better working space and provides a real comfort of use without forgetting that this resolution allows full playback of movies in "HD"!
•    In addition, a larger frame of almost 2 inches can accommodate a much more ergonomic keyboard.


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