ASUS Zenfone A501cg In UAE- Definitely A Smart Choice

It’s always the best one to win. Have you been in hunt of ASUS Zenfone A501cg in UAE? Where had you been looking? To seize the best deal, visit the to place your orders at just 699AED with free shipping for this Asus zen one. And it is not surprising that it feels like an age has passed since it was eight whole months between the announcement of ZenFones and units being made available for pre-order by Asus.


This is not the first time that Asus has announced the products and then not have them delivered on time and it is a bit unfortunate. Asus was one of the most innovative manufacturers of Android devices in recent years with the Padfone and Fonepad varies as some of the evidence for that accolade. Despite being fairly ordinary ZenFones Asus standards as they were highly anticipated and it was with some excitement that we are finally able to reach a verdict on the Asus efforts.  We conclude the ZenFone 5 as it’s the middle of a series of three (ZenFone 4, 5 and 6 ZenFone). The number in the name indicates the size of the phone screen. The diminutive ZenFone 4 is the smallest, least expensive and least powerful of the three. The two older brothers have very similar specifications, but on paper, ZenFone 6 has the best picture and faster performance device. You can find the significant comparison with ASUS Zenfone A501cg in UAE.


The three models share a family resemblance and most interesting systems on chip Intel Atom feed them instead of the usual chips Qualcomm Snapdragon we have become so accustomed. It's not every day that we get to look at the back of a smartphone and see the Intel Inside logo. The design of the range is first ZenFone rather traditional and stuffy, but look a little further and there is a lot to love. Textured plastic as the capacitive buttons it has a circular pattern is reminiscent of the back of Asus laptop and the light shining off into interesting patterns. We are never distracted when using the phone, but it adds a little interest in an otherwise quite simple front. So have you been figuring the use of ASUS Zenfone A501cg in UAE?


The capacitive buttons are in the right order for an Android phone although we prefer to be on the screen. On the ZenFone 5, there is a screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels five inches bright and clear. It is fair to say that the glasses on the screen sides are a little too big, though. If you used another phone Asus projected five inches, it is essentially the same size. There is a 2MP front-facing camera, proximity sensor, light sensor and notification LED above the screen. 


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