Buy HTC Mobiles in UAE: An Awesome Combination of Metal and Glass

It is time to discard using mobile phones with a plastic body and switch to using phones with a metal body. It makes your phone distinctive from other types of smartphone devices. Let us unveil some of the most amazing features of HTC 10 64GB 4G LTE Silver. You can visit us at and buy this flagship smartphone launched by HTC for AED2,699.00. Visit us and buy HTC mobiles in UAE at a reasonable price-range. Keep reading this blog to discover some amazing features this mobile phone has to offer you.


24 Bit High Resolution


Now you can enjoy watching movies more because of 24 bit high resolution this flagship HTC smartphone is offering you. Watch movies with crystal clear graphics and images.


Perfect Blend of Glass and Metal


This phone does not have a plastic body and it comes with full metal body. With an immaculate glass,metal body of this HTC phone perfectly blends with the glass-screen. It looks very beautiful with the combination of metal and glass.


Highly Responsive Touch Screen


It has a very smooth touch screen feature. As soon as you prepare to tap an application icon,it perfectly senses the movement of your fingers. As you bring one of your fingers closer to the glass-screen,it senses the movement and allows you to operate it in a highly efficient manner.


Highly Durable Battery Life


Having a durable battery is one of the most important features of a smartphone device. Usually,smartphones are not very well-known for having a durable battery. As you use the Wifi or 3G technology of an ordinary smartphone device,the battery power drains very quickly leaving you helpless as you have to recharge your smartphone. With this flagship HTC phone,you can enjoy two days of usage without worrying about its battery getting drained at a rapid pace.


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