Bluetooth Headset Price in UAE: Buy Audionic Bluetooth Headset

Do you want to buy a top-quality Bluetooth headset? Visit us at to check Bluetooth Headset Price in UAE. At our online store, you can buy Audionic Bluetooth Headset for just AED59.00. It can be a very handy device for you. You can connect it with your smartphone and have fun listening to your favorite music. You can also watch movies on your phone with a high-quality sound output using this Bluetooth Headset. Please keep reading this blog to find more useful information about Bluetooth headsets.



Vibrating Call Alert



Audionic headsets consists of vibrating call alert. If you have put it on your head, it will start vibrating, every time someone calls you. Once you know that someone is trying to contact you, you can receive his or her call and get to know about it through vibration of the headset.



Auto Reconnect



If for some reason, your headset is disconnected, it can auto reconnect. You will not have to do anything and it will reconnect automatically.



Transfer Distance of 33FT/10M



You can easily transfer or share audio files, music files and images from 33FT away from the device. It is a very handy feature because some Bluetooth headset devices have a very low range, when it comes to sharing files with others. With this distance, you can easily roam around in your home and transfer different files.



Enhanced Audio



This device has a highly enhanced audio. The sound is very clear and even those musical instruments that cannot be heard prominently when music is being played, you can hear them with this device. It is very special because it makes musical instruments audible.



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