Smartphone Prices in Dubai:  Reasons to Buy Huawei Y635 4GB 4G LTE Dual SIM Black

Have you been looking for an affordable smartphone device with top-class built-in features? Usually people think that cheaper phones are not worth buying because they lack top features that expensive phones can offer them. That is certainly not the case because some low-priced phones also have all the top features and the only thing lacking is the enhancement of certain features like a built-in camera with low MP, low data storage capacity and other enhancements. Please visit us at to check smartphone prices in Dubai. In this blog, we are going to shed some light on Huawei Y635 4GB 4G LTE which is a low-priced phone with lots of amazing features. This phone is available at our online store for just AED349.00.

Dual SIM

There are not many smartphones that are cost-effective and at the same time comprise top-quality features. This version of Huawei smartphone has Dual SIM which can help you use two different SIM cards at a time. This feature can help you use your phone efficiently during emergency situations. For instance, if one of the SIM cards is not responding or not receiving signals and you need to make an emergency call, with dual SIM feature, you could switch to SIM 2 to make calls as well as receive them from others.

Big Screen-Size

At 5 inches, this phone has a stunning screen-size with sharp resolution to let you enjoy watching movies, songs and photos. This size is perfect to carry around this phone with you no matter where you want to go. It is portable and you can easily put it in your pocket, especially when going outside.

4GB Data Storage Capacity

At such a reasonable price, 4GB of memory space sounds pretty good. Just imagine the amount of videos, audio songs and photos you can save on your phone without any problems.

Apart from these amazing features, this phone also allows you to use the internet at a very high speed, making your life very easy, when it comes to downloading videos and other important things.

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