ASUS Zenfone A501CG in UAE: Enjoy Talk-Time of up to 18 hours and 30 minutes

Buying a smartphone device could be quite tricky because of stiff competition between top mobile phone brands. Almost every mobile phone has similar features with just a little bit of changes here and there. For instance, if you are using a phone with 5MP camera and if you make your mind to buy the latest one, you may get one with a more enhanced camera. Most of the people who buy phones overlook the talk-time a phone offers. They are so obsessed with other features like a powerful camera with enhanced mega pixels, they look for multimedia to enjoy watching videos and not even for a second, they give a thought to the talk-time a phone has. In this blog, we are going to focus on the benefits of buying Asus Zenfone A501CG in UAE which provides enhanced talk-time of up to 18 hours and 30 minutes.

Using 3G Technology to Stay in Touch with others

If your phone has 3G technology, you can experience problems with inefficiency of the battery power to allow you to use it for a longer duration after recharging your phone. In case of Asus Zenfone A501CG, things are quite different because it has a powerful battery which allows you to use your phone for 18 hours even if you frequently use 3G technology. You need a phone with a powerful battery to avoid problems. It could benefit you during emergency situations when your smartphone is the sole source of communicating with others. For instance, if you get trapped inside a lift, you can use Asus Zenfone A501CG in UAE to let others know or alert them to help you get rescued from such a gruesome situation because of its powerful battery.

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