ASUS Zenfone A501CG in UAE: Top Reasons to Buy a Smartphone

Do you have a smartphone device? Is it good enough to meet your communication needs? Does it have top-quality features? If you have been looking for a high-quality smartphone device, our online store at is the best place to buy it from. We have ASUS Zenfone A501CG in UAE which can easily meet your essential communication needs. This blog highlights some of the best features of this amazing smartphone device.



Dual SIM



These days, where mobile phones have become so important that you have to keep two phones with you with different SIM cards, a dual SIM smartphone device can be very handy for you. Firstly, it can help you avoid keeping two cell phones to operate two SIM cards as this phone has built-in dual SIM feature. Once you buy this phone, you can use it to organize your contacts in a well-organized manner.






Having a Bluetooth device can be a very handy feature for you as you can share files with other people. For instance, if one of your friends have your favorite songs in his or her phone, you can easily have them shared with you using Bluetooth.






This phone has 8GB capacity which can allow you to store photos, songs and videos in a large quantity. With other smartphones, you cannot do so because they have very limited data storage capacity. When you are buying a new phone, storage capacity is one of the most important features that you should look for.



5 Inches Screen



There are some phones with very small display screens. You may not be able to enjoy watching videos on such small cell phones. For this reason, you need to buy Asus Zenfone A501CG in UAE to enjoy watching videos on 5 inches screen.


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