Samsung Galaxy S3: Download Videos with Super High Speed 3G Connectivity

Watching videos in your free time can be very exciting. You can sit back in your comfortable room, and watch your favorite movies. One of the best things about smartphone devices is that, they are highly portable. You can even lay down on your bed and still watch a movie using Samsung Galaxy S3 in UAE. One of the biggest hurdles you may face when watching your favorite videos can be the speed of the internet. If you are using Wi-fi technology, there are chances that the video you want to watch or download may start buffering. If you want to download a video, it may take a very long time. In this blog, we are going to discuss about the 3G technology of this smartphone device which can ease your problems, when it comes to downloading movies. 


Use 3G Technology of Samsung Galaxy S3 to Download Movies


This smartphone has 3G technology which is way faster than ordinary Wi-fi. With this feature, you can have an easier time downloading your favorite movies or videos. 3G technology is lightning fast and it can help you download videos at a very high speed, saving your precious time. With high speed downloading, you can download more than 1 movie quickly. 


16 GB Storage Capacity to Store Videos


You might be thinking at this point that, you can download lots of movies using 3G technology of this smartphone but does this phone has ample storage capacity to save the videos? Without a doubt, it has ample storage capacity. With whopping 16GB storage, you can store lots of movies, songs and photos on Samsung Galaxy S3. 


If you do not want to download a movie or a video, you can visit popular websites like Youtube to watch your favorite movies. With 3G online connectivity, there will be no buffering and you can watch a movie in a smooth manner. 


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