Samsung Mobile: What Tempts Us Most

 Samsung is ready to do battle with its competitors. This year, the Korean has even equipped the Gear VR helmets audience to better show its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Galaxy S6 has been recovered by the Galaxy S7 edge that gets a good score of 88/100. The Galaxy S7 edge has recently become available, but already its qualities are impressive. Regarding its camera module, the experts seem to agree that Samsung has done a very good job, allowing the South Korean brand to impose the fifth device in the TOP 11 of the best camera phones. To buy discounted Samsung mobile in UAE, click


The Galaxy S7 edge


If Galaxy S7 edge gets a good score in the photo, it is due to its video capture mode. With a score of 88 in both categories, and surpasses the Xperia Z5 which reaches only 86 videos. For the pictured part, both devices are still neck and neck, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


As for the Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung highlights its ability to maintain a high level of detail in low light and bright light, good management of exposure as well indoors and outdoors, low noise level, rapid auto focus and flash its quality. However, the color of the images lacks of quality on the most dynamic scenes of this Samsung mobile.


Who will dethrone the Galaxy S7 Edge?


Samsung combines this year its standard ranges by revealing simultaneously two versions of its new device. The two classic version: a Galaxy S7 format 5.1 inches, and the Samsung mobile Galaxy S7 Edge with curved edges and a 5.5-inch screen. At this level, the bar has been set high. In terms of performance, Samsung promises improvements of 30% in the GPU, and 60% in CPU, and setting a clear improvement of the behavior of its smartphones when used to play.


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    The online excitement around the current year's arrival of Samsung's most current phablet gadget - the hypothetically titled Galaxy Note 6.